Bayon Beauty , a division of Helena Elizabeth Yann, Inc., is the leading provider of the next generation of advanced luxury skincare products with proven result.

Bayon  Beauty is developing a unique, the most advanced luxury skincare formulations that utilize the latest in active ingredient research and product delivery technology for maximum efficacy. We have developed unprecedented anti-aging formulation for men and women to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage.  Made in the USA.

Our mission is to Improve facial skin health. Dedicated to this mission, We make a simple promise is to provide advanced luxury skincare products proven result on lab and on skin and accessible and affordable for both women and men.

Our Vision is to provide advanced  luxury skincare product that serve and inspire women and men around the world to achieve, regain their own beauty, health, happiness and passion ” visibly younger and healthier looking skin”.

Our promise is that you will not only greatly improve facial skin health with Bayon Beauty products, but it’s 100% guaranteed to enhance your skin to a younger age. At Bayon  Beauty, your younger looking-skin is our success.

 Our philosophy about skincare is based on three main cores: Prevention, Protection and Correction.